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3-Phase Split Phase Measuring Energy Meter

Detailed Product Description

Technical parameters:
1) Standard: IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21, IEC62053-23
2) Rated voltage: 3 x 220 / 380V, 3 x 57.7 / 100V, 3 x 100V
3) Rated current: 1.5(6)A, 5(10)A, 10(40)A, 10(60)A, 20(80)A, 30(100)A
4) Accuracy: active Class 1.0, reactive Class 2.0
5) Power loss: ≤1.5W 
6) Clock error: ≤0.5s/D (23±3°C)
7) Backup lithium battery working life: >10 years; continuous working time: >3 years
    (split phase energy multi-function meter)
8) Working frequency range: 50Hz±5%
9) Working ambient temperature: -20~55°C     
10) Has infrared and RS485 interface, with the communication protocol conforming
    to DL/T645-1997

Main functions of three phase split phase measuring multi-function electric energy
meter (DTSD581):
1) Measure energy: measures total, peak, shoulder and trough accumulative active
    energy of three phase, measures total, peak, shoulder and trough active energy
    of phase A, B and C respectively, and measure total reactive energy and reactive
    energy of phase A, B and C respectively. The record content is current and previous
    six months
2) Measure demand: measures total maximum demand and the occurred time of active
    energy for current and previous 6 months
3) Tariff and time period: three tariffs for active energy (peak, shoulder and trough),
    and can set at most 8 time periods per day
4) Real time data: voltage and current for phase A, B and C respectively, and active
    power, reactive power and power factor for each phase and total
5) Records the latest ten times of starting and ending time of the power off for
    the electric meter
6) Records each phase's phase loss accumulative time and times and its latest ten
    times of starting and ending time
7) Records the accumulative time of the cover opening and the latest opening time
8) Has key-press display and automatic recycle display and the recycle display content
    and time can be set
9) Records the load curve: selected from the total active energy and total reactive
    energy, and the recording time interval can be set
10) Freezes billing readings on reading date at the end of a month, and also can
    use broadcasting order to freeze the energy for current uniformly
11) Has controlling function: the output relay controlling interface is used to control
    external device

Main functions of split phase measuring common meter (DTS581):
1) Records current three phase accumulative forward active total energy and reverse
    active total energy, forward active energy of phase A, B and C respectively,
    three phase accumulative forward inductive reactive energy (quadrant 1), and
    forward reactive energy (quadrant 1+4)
2) Broadcasts the frozen energy

3-Phase Split Phase Measuring Energy Meter


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