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Three Phase Multi-Tariff Net Electric Energy Meter

Detailed Product Description

Technical parameters: 
1) Frequency range: 50Hz, 60Hz
2) Accuracy: active Class 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, and reactive Class 2.0
3) Reference voltage: 3 x (220 / 380V, 57.7 / 100V, 100V)
4) Rated current: 3 x 0.3 (1.2)A, 3 x 1.5 (6)A, 3 x 5 (6)A, 3 x 5 (10)A
5) Power loss: ≤1.5W
6) Deviation of RTC: ≤0.5s/D (23±3°C)
7) Backup lithium battery working life: >10 years, Continuous working time: >3 years
8) Display: LCD display

Main functions:
1) Measures accurately the forward / reverse active power respectively, calculates the 
    energy in different directions, solves the problems of energy tamper caused by 
    connecting current in reverse
2) Measures multi-tariff (peak, shoulder, trough) active energy and demand, and also 
    measures total reactive energy
3) Adopts public GPRS communication methods, which avoid the investment for the 
    communication circuitry and for maintaining the circuitry
4) With infrared communication interface, which is used to set and read the     
    parameters of the meter
5) Measures and records the accumulative time of each phase's voltage loss, and 
    after power off, all stored data can maintain over ten years
6) Monitoring function: if there appears any abnormal condition, it will alarm to the     
    monitoring center by short message and data transmission
7) Adopts LCD display: can show six integers and two decimals
8) Recycling display modes: can set display items by infrared handhold meter-reading 
9) Data intellectual collecting function: can send all kinds of data which electric meter 
    can send out to center station by GPRS. When there appears any abnormal 
    condition for the big users, the system can send alarming information to the center 
    station software or the appointed GSM mobile phone by short message and GPRS
10) The frozen and transferred time of the electric energy data is any specified hour 
      among 0-23 of each day
11) The frozen and transferred date of the electric energy data is any hour in any     
      specified day among 1-28 of each month
12) Adopts advanced non-error digital communication methods, which avoid data loss 
      and error code during communication, and the module's maximum communicating 
      speed is 115,200bps
13) Low running expense

Three Phase Multi-Tariff Net Electric Energy Meter


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